We Want To Make A Game

Happy #TableTopDay everyone, let us know what you're playing today and many thanks to the wonderful people of Geek & Sundry who made this happen.

So, we've been busy working behind the scenes on a few things we want to do this year, which you may remember we discussed in our Phase 2 post, one thing we didn't mention was that we're working on a TableTop game of our own.

It's still in the early stages but we have the rules and gameplay down and will be reaching out to an illustrator friend to do the artwork for us.

The game is a mix of Pandemic and Forbidden Island and we hope to feature all those who contributed recipes as playable characters. We will most likely crowd-fund this but we'll do it in a way that will really benefit Child's Play.

We'll release more details as we go along and will confirm at a later date if there will be a playable version of the game at the Invasion con in London, UK that Lee and David will be attending (not as guests), where Sandeep Parikh and Felicia Day will be guests.

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Phase 2

Posted 22nd January 2014

2014 is here which means Phase 2 is a go! Sadly unlike Marvels Phase 2 we don't have an endless budget and the creative genius of Stan Lee and Joss Whedon, although we do have plans to reach out to their representatives. One thing we have that Marvel has is superheroes and we have them in abundance. 19 supplied us with recipes and 328 bought our book.

So what is Phase 2 you ask, well Phase 2 is us reaching out into the geek community to raise awareness of our project to help us continue to support Child's Play Charity. We want to take things we did last year and improve on them, to make them bigger, better and more fun for everyone.

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Auction: The Ocean at the End of the Lane signed by Neil Gaiman

Posted 3rd December 2013

We can very happily announce that we have a signed 1st edition of Neil Gaimans's latest book The Ocean at the End of the Lane available for auction.

Just as every penny of our book sales go directly to Child's Play Charity, the same goes for the auction, 100% of the final sales price goes to Child's Play Charity.

To be able to select Child's Play Charity as our preferred charity we have to use the US ebay site, which doesn't give us any of the shipping options available in the UK (where we are based). Due to this we have listed the shipping costs in the item description.

If you are successful in your bid, message us with your address and we'll send you an invoice with the final total to be paid (bid+shipping).

You may remember we listed this earlier in the year, it was won but the winner got in touch with us and said that as it was for charity, he felt it should raise more money and if re-listed around Christmas time would make a great present for someone.

Neil Gaiman Auction
Just click the ebay logo above to be taken to the auction

Good Luck!


Created by Carrots

Posted 23rd November 2013

One year and 4 days ago the first ideas for All The Nomz were born. They say inspiration comes from the strangest of places so we shouldn't be shocked that all you see here came about because our friend Marian Call cooked carrots (amongst other things) for our very own Marian.

We have Storify-ed the birth of All The Nomz for you to have a read through. You should also have a read of Lee's post over at Nerdlush where he details how one tweet from Wil Wheaton changed his life and resulted in our creation.

That kinda means Wil's our Daddy, Marian's our Mommy and carrots were involved somehow. That right there is the beginning of some very disturbing fan art. Have at it Internet.

2014  All The Nomz